Is it Real

Saturday, January 19, 2002:

Today, came the counseling session which went smooth I thought. I didn't know how it would turn out. Questions and statements were made in a civil tone without any anomosity I do believe. How do I feel, inside I say, what are you doing investing this much into someone who has a life that is already set up, whether it be good bad or indifferent, they are a family, so what does that make you... ? I don't know how to stop the burning anxiety that I experience inside, when she is not around, I do have to come to grips with it before I mess things up.....
L // 4:27 PM


Wednesday, January 16, 2002:

Today, came a discussion of a fear of isolation from the children, why would there be? Any person woman or man who would do that to their mate is not worth being with. I understand the newness but it is no different than any other venture whether it be heterosexual or a gay relationship. Becoming one is the same no matter who the people are. But one must wonder if a married hetereosexual woman can really leave it behind and devote her wants and needs to another woman....
L // 3:20 PM


Tuesday, January 15, 2002:

Loving a married woman who says she does not really want to be married. As a woman I can understand because there are children that she must do things with them first and foremost in mind. Is it selfish though for her to want the lesbian to wait while she gets things in order, or could it be she is just fooling herself and the lesbian, and would rather stay in her married world, even though she claims not to.
L // 7:35 PM


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Can a lesbian find happiness with a married woman?